• Requests for inspection or copying of public records should be specific and focused. The request should sufficiently describe records so that identification, location and retrieval of the records can be achieved by Housing Authority staff.
  • Copies will be provided for a fee. If copies are to be mailed, a postage fee will be added to the total which must be paid in advance. Current charges for copying may be obtained from Customer Service at (831) 454-9455, ext 272. Copies to be picked up in person will be held until a date certain after which a new request must be submitted. Your request will be processed in compliance with the California Public Records Act. Except for public records exempt from disclosure, the Housing Authority shall make records available during regular business hours via appointment. The public Records Act allows the Housing Authority up to 10 days to respond to the request with a determination whether or not the records may be disclosed. If a request contains unusual circumstances, the Housing Authority may need an additional 14 days to make a determination regarding disclosure, pursuant to the Public Records Act.