October 18, 2023 at 11:00 a.m.
2160 41st Avenue, Capitola, CA 95010

  1. Roll Call


Chairperson Andy Schiffrin 4 year term expires, March 17, 2027
Vice Chairperson Providence Martinez Alaniz 4 year term  expires, February 10, 2027
Commissioner Carol Berg 4 year term expires, May 21, 2025
Commissioner Ligaya Eligio 2 year term expires, October 18, 2024
Commissioner Annette Melendrez 4 year term expires, September 29, 2027
Commissioner Silvia Morales 4 year term September 1, 2027
Commissioner Richard Schmale 2 year term expires, May 12, 2025

2.  Consideration of Late Additions and Changes to the Agenda

3.  Consent Agenda
A.  Minutes of the Regular Meeting held September 20, 2023
Motion to Approve
B.  Special December Meeting of Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
Motion to Approve Special Meeting on December 6, 2023 at 11:00 a.m.
C.  Housing Authority Fiscal Year 2023/2024 Agency Goals – Quarter 1 Report
Receive Report
D.  New Horizons Programs and Services Fiscal Year 2023/2024 – Quarter 1 Report
Receive Report
E.  Administrative Plan Approval Process
Approve Recommendation to Designate the Executive Director as an Other Authorized PHA Official to Approve Limited Non-Substantial Revisions and Technical Changes to the Administrative Plan

4.  Oral Communications (All oral communications must be directed to an item not listed on this agenda and must be within the jurisdiction of the Board. Presentations must not exceed three minutes in length.  The Board will not take action or respond immediately to any Oral Communication presented, but may choose to follow up at a later time or schedule item for a subsequent agenda.  The Board may limit the total amount of time allowed for oral communication).  Anyone addressing the Board of Commissioners is asked to complete a card and leave it with the Board secretary so that their names may be accurately recorded in the Minutes.

5.  Unfinished Business

6.  New Business
A.  Board Governance Models – Rotation of Officers
Discuss Board Governance Models With Rotation of Officers

B. Mission Statement and Core Values
Provide Staff Direction Regarding Proposed Approach to Update of Mission Statement and Development of Core Values

C.  Tierra Alta Farmworker Housing Repositioning
Receive Report

7.  Written Correspondence
Commissioner Melendrez’s Re-Appointment Letter from the Board of Supervisors
Receive Letter

8.  Director’s Report

9.  Reports from Board Members
(Board members may report on meetings attended, if any, or other items of interest.)

10.  Closed Session

11.  Report on Closed Session

12. Adjournment

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Should you have any questions on the above schedule please contact Courtney Byrd in the Administrative Department at (831) 454-9455, ext. 201.

*The Housing Authority complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are a person with disabilities and you require special assistance in order to participate, please contact the Board secretary at 831-454-9455, ext. 201 at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting in order to make arrangements. Persons with disabilities may request a copy of the agenda in an alternative format.

Spanish language translation is available on an as needed basis. Please make arrangements 72 hours in advance by contacting the Housing Authority at 831-454-9455, ext. 280.

Agendas can be obtained from the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz Administration Department.

Si desea una traducción en español, por favor llame al (831) 454-9455.