The Low Income Public Housing Program (LIPH) Statistics

Currently, there are 5700 families on the Low Income Public Housing (LIPH) Waiting List. Please note that the waiting list is a list of families that have completed a pre-application indicating that they are interested in participating in the program. Waiting list applicants have not yet been screened for income or other program eligibility.

When vacancies occur, the Housing Authority must fill the vacancy with a family that has the right number of household members to match the vacant unit. (For example, if a three bedroom LIPH unit has become available, only families with 3-7 household members would be potentially suitable for that unit). The Housing Authority will process applications of appropriately sized families for each vacancy in the order received. Therefore, there will differences in the waiting time depending on the size of the unit your family is waiting for, and depending on how many LIPH units of that size exist within the County. The table below shows the total number of LIPH units of each size within the County of Santa Cruz.

1 Bedroom units: 20
2 Bedroom units: 68
3 Bedroom units: 130
4 Bedroom units: 15
5 Bedroom units: 1

If you are already on the waiting list, please understand that your wait for assistance may be long. We cannot predict when your name will reach the top of the waiting list, as it depends on when current program participants leave the program, the size of units that become available, and the household size of applicants approaching the top of the Waiting List. It is typical for families to wait years for housing assistance.