Now there’s even more reason to rent to tenants with vouchers!
The Landlord Incentive Program

  • can reimburse landlords up to $5,000
  • for costs that include damages, missing rent, vacancies, and legal fees
  • for amounts beyond the security deposit
  • conditions apply (see more below)

The Landlord Incentive Program serves the entire county, including the cities of Capitola, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, and Scotts Valley, as well as all the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County. The program is a collaboration of the All In Landlord Partnership, under the auspices of the Homeless Action Partnership (HAP).

Here’s how it works:
Landlords can make claims only for eligible expenses

i.       Damages caused by tenant,
ii.     Unpaid rent balances after tenant vacates the unit – up to four months’ rent; late fees, and utilities
iii.    Vacancy loss in the event of vacancy due to lease termination (not expiration).  The maximum claim is 100% of the contract rent for the first 30 days following the vacancy, and 80% of the contract rent for the following 30 days, if the unit remains vacant,
iv.   Legal fees associated with termination for lease violations and lease compliance

Landlord’s claims must meet these conditions:

  1. The expenses/costs exceed the security deposit
  2. The Landlord has documentation of the expense/cost
  3. The limit of each claim is up to $5,000 per unit
  4. Reimbursement is dependent on availability of funds for the city or unincorporated area of the county where the unit is located
  5. The landlord needs to submit claims within 3 months of end of tenancy

The simple claim form can be downloaded here.

Find out more by contacting the Housing Authority Information Center at (831) 454-5977.