Paying Rent to the Housing Authority

In Low Income Public Housing, the rent your family pays is based on your income as determined during the annual income recertification. For more information, see our Annual Recertification Q&A. To find out more about reporting changes in your family’s income throughout the year, see Reporting Changes Q&A.

In Low Income Public Housing, your family pays a rent amount equal to about thirty percent of your income. You also have the choice of paying a fixed flat rent. In most other Housing Authority-owned properties, your family pays a fixed flat rent regardless of your income.

Rent must be received in our office by 5 p.m. on the 1st of each month. You may pay by mail or you may deliver your rent in person to the office. Payments can also be dropped off at our office any time by using the drop box located to the right of our main entrance.

Inspections and Maintenance Requests

Your unit will be inspected once a year by a Housing Authority inspector. From time to time, your unit may also be inspected by an inspector from the Department of Housing and Urban Development or another agency. You will receive advance written notice before all inspections. For more information, see our Inspections Q&A.

Please report all maintenance problems immediately. For emergencies, including major leaks, floods, and broken windows or doors, call the Housing Authority promptly at (831) 763-3524. If your maintenance problem is not an emergency, you may either call, submit your request in writing, or use our online form.

Pet Policy

The Housing Authority permits tenants to own pets in accordance with our Pet Policy You can download a Pet Application here.

Capital Fund Planning

The Housing Authority receives funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to perform long-term upgrades to its Low Income Public Housing sites. If you are a low income public housing resident and you have suggestions for upgrades you would like to see at your complex, please send us a letter or an email and be sure to include your name, address, and phone number.

Si desea una traducción en español, por favor llame al (831) 454-9455.